To develop a brand identity for Exploring Co, the umbrella company that encompasses all Exploring enterprises. This meant creating a unique, instantly recognisable presence.  


Branding and C.I. development

Logo Development

Exploring Co. lives for adventure, curiosity and exploration. Their logo needed to capture all these traits in a clean, clear, concise design. We achieved this with a raw, nature-inspired, hand-drawn typographic font coupled with a multi-peak mountain icon, an almost universally recognised symbol for adventure and exploration.

Exploring Co. is a lifestyle brand that embraces the journey of exploration and aims to inspire people to seek out adventure. We knew every touchpoint of the brand had to convey these values and believe the fonts and colour palette used, as well as the logo extension, accomplished this.

Branded Collateral

Exploring Co.

Exploring Co.’s broad offering of branded collateral allowed us to take the brand off the screen and into the physical world, manifesting it as the lifestyle brand it always aspired to be and inspiring consumers to join the movement.


Time for coffee…

Brand Vision

Exploring Coffee is the first execution of Exploring Co. It brings the brand to life in a trendy, urban coffee setting while staying true to the fundamental ethos of inspiring people to explore wherever they are. It was important to tie the passion for exploration to an urban angle as the brand is as excited about exploring our diverse cities as it is the great outdoors.

Branded Collateral

Exploring Coffee

The Exploring Coffee tuk-tuk was built with one purpose, to rove. It travels between outdoor events including trail runs, triathlons, hikes and other adventure sports gatherings, and takes great coffee where it’s never been before. It’s the physical embodiment of the brand and allows Exploring Co. to become a real part of its consumers lives in the spaces where it matters most.


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